Hiii, my name is Yessie and i’m the Founder & Owner of Pinkies Up luxury beauty lounge, in the heart downtown San Luis Obispo. I’m 27 years young, or old -  eeeek, and i’m known as the "nail guru", "nail picasso", "nail jedi", "nail goddess" & the "nail genie,” yup, I answer to them all.

I love every shade of pink and absolutely anything that sparkles. Whether its glitter, swavroski crystals, holographic glitter or unicorns.. duh!

My journey started in 2012. While living in Japan for 6 months walking through the streets of Tokyo I was blown away by the fashion, the harajuku girls, and the nails… WOW they were out of this world. From the crystals, glitter, 3D nail art, chains hanging from their nails...
you name it. The fire was lit and there was no time to waste.
I immediately enrolled in beauty college and here I am six years later; a published nail artist, and one of the top 10 nail artists in the world. Now I am twirling and singing in my dream, as owner and founder of pinkies up beaUty lounge, sipping on my rosé lemonade with my pinkies up, and changing the world one set of nails at a time... is this real life?
Yes, yes it is!

P.S.  If I haven’t met you yet, I look forward to meeting you and making all of your nail wishes come true. (drops the mic)

Nail Genie Out